Why Do We Get Wrinkles: Everything You Need to Know

One day you can pull and tug on your face, spend hours in the sun, never moisturize, and still look young and fresh. The next day you have visible wrinkles and fine lines by your eyes, your forehead, and especially your neck.


Suddenly you have to be careful about what you apply to your skin and how you apply it. This happens with aging. This happens with life.

Have you ever wondered, "why do we get wrinkles?" If so, you're in the right place. Keep reading to learn all about wrinkles and fine lines, plus a few tips on how to avoid them!


Wrinkles are a natural, totally normal part of aging. Just because your 80-year-old grandma has wrinkles doesn't mean she didn't take care of her skin. Wrinkles happen to everyone at some point.

As you get older, your body produces less and less collagen and elastin. These are the two main proteins that make your skin smooth, flexible, and youthful.


There are plenty of products that are designed to help boost your collagen production, like supplements and beauty tools. Carefully research these products before you invest in them, because wrinkle cures are often too good to be true.

Some products are effective, like retinol. Retinol can improve your skin's elasticity, which helps fight fine lines. Check out this retinol moisturizer.

Sun Exposure

While everyone ages and gets wrinkles, they're much more prominent, deep, and plentiful in those who have had prolonged sun exposure. If you never or rarely use sunscreen, you can expect to get premature wrinkles!

Ultraviolet radiation penetrates your skin and breaks down collagen and elastin. That's the last thing you want to happen if you're hoping to stay looking young!


Always wear sunscreen if you're leaving the house, even if it's overcast outside. This will help prevent premature aging and deep skin damage.

Excessive Pulling

Did you know that pulling on your skin can actually cause wrinkles and fine lines? The skin around your eyes and on your neck is extremely sensitive. Tugging on that skin leads straight to wrinkles.

Eye cream (skin moisturizer specifically designed for the skin around your eyes) exists and is so popular because that area needs extra protection and hydration. Not only that, but you must apply it carefully and tenderly: use your ring fingers (typically your weakest fingers) to lightly tap it into your skin.

Next time you're tired or have itchy eyes, resist the temptation to rub them incessantly. That's just asking for crow's feet!

Dehydration and Smoking

Ever seen someone with super dry, cracked skin and you just want to douse them in a gallon of moisturizer? Your skin requires moisture to produce necessary proteins and regenerate itself. Dryness and dehydration is the perfect recipe for deep, prominent wrinkles.

Smokers are also extremely prone to wrinkles. The toxins you breathe in plus the reduced blood flow to your skin plus the overall negative impact on your health all lead to dry, dull, saggy, wrinkly skin. Say no to smoking, say yes to hydration!

Why Do We Get Wrinkles? Now You Know

Whether you're less than 20, mid-30's, or over 50, fine lines and wrinkles are probably on your mind. If you've ever wondered, "why do we get wrinkles?" you now know.

Never wonder or live in ignorance again! You can be totally aware, informed, and able to take steps to avoid premature aging or unnecessary wrinkling.

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